Baldur’s Gate 3 Subreddit Dedicated to Hating Wulbren Bongle Created by Fans

Baldur’s Gate 3 has sparked a passionate debate regarding the characters, with widespread disdain for Wulbren Bongle. The deep gnome has garnered significant animosity, leading to the creation of a subreddit dedicated to expressing hatred towards him. Part of the dissatisfaction stems from Wulbren’s ungrateful behavior, particularly in his interactions with characters like Barcus Wroot. His relentless self-interest, even to the detriment of others, further fuels the negative sentiment.

Additionally, Wulbren’s actions within the game, including attempts to manipulate the players for his own gain, have only served to intensify the dislike towards him. Even when attempting to side with him, his behavior remains antagonistic and uncooperative. The discontent culminated in the creation of a diss track against Wulbren Bongle, further reinforcing the widespread antipathy towards the character. This sentiment has spread through a dedicated community, with members expressing their frustrations and sharing their experiences relating to Wulbren Bongle.

In conclusion, the overwhelming dislike towards Wulbren Bongle can be attributed to his self-centered and vindictive nature, as well as his disregard for others. This disdain has led to the formation of a community that collectively voices its displeasure with the character.

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