Billie Eilish will be part of Fortnite on April 23.

Billie Eilish has confirmed her appearance at the Fortnite Festival, which seems to validate a previously leaked roadmap. This evolving story will be updated as more information becomes available. Eilish’s inclusion was leaked last week, along with other future Fortnite events. Her participation and the leaked information’s accuracy have been further substantiated by Eilish’s social media announcement.

She is set to perform on the Fortnite Festival Main Stage on April 23, with her own Fortnite skin. If the leak is accurate, other renowned artists like Metallica, Karol G, and Snoop Dogg will also join the game later in the year. The validation of Eilish’s participation lends credibility to the leaked roadmap, which also predicts a crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean. If the rest of the information in the leak is accurate, Fortnite could be in for a significant year, with plans for a Mad Max theme next month, a crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean, a Metallica event, and collaborations with Lego Star Wars and the Fantastic Four.

Fortnite fans were initially divided over the leaked information, but Eilish’s confirmation has swayed many in the community. The coming months will reveal whether the leaked roadmap holds true, with the Mad Max crossover reportedly scheduled for May.

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