Fallout 5 Should Come Before The Elder Scrolls 6

The TV show will likely have several seasons before a new Fallout game is released. The Elder Scrolls 6 is distant, and Fallout 5 is even further off. Despite the success of the Fallout TV series, Bethesda is unable to capitalize on it. If a new Fallout game isn’t approved soon, the series may miss out on the current momentum.

The Fallout series has garnered significant attention, drawing back old fans and attracting new ones alike. However, apart from a second season, there are no forthcoming developments. The gap between previous games and those currently in development is considerable, indicating a potentially lengthy wait for Fallout 5. The prolonged development cycles may result in a substantial wait for the next installment, leading to concerns about the strategic approach of Bethesda.

Starfield, Bethesda’s recent release, was criticized for being vast yet lacking in the detailed world-building that characterized their previous RPGs. This focus on grandeur has led to lengthier development cycles and less immersive gameplay experiences. In contrast, the Elder Scrolls series has been more consistently active, with new stories regularly introduced in Elder Scrolls Online. The Fallout series, except for the TV show and Fallout 76, lacks new content and experiences.

Alternative solutions for the delay in Fallout 5’s release have been suggested, including developing a smaller Fallout game or sharing the rights with another studio, possibly Obsidian, the developer behind Fallout: New Vegas. If the current trajectory continues, Bethesda might miss the opportune moment to capitalize on the series’ success. This might result in fans becoming disenchanted with the Fallout franchise.

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