Nintendo Skipping Gamescom 2024

Nintendo has confirmed that it will not be attending Gamescom this year. This announcement comes amidst swirling rumors about the upcoming Switch 2 console, with recent reports indicating a potential launch in early 2025. The decision not to participate in Gamescom, a major industry event, was revealed by VGC following a statement from Nintendo to the German news site, Games Wirtschaft.

The statement from Nintendo explained that Gamescom is a significant event on its calendar, but after careful consideration, they have opted not to take part in Cologne this year. Instead, they plan to offer players the opportunity to try out Nintendo Switch games at other events across Germany. Although Nintendo has skipped Gamescom in the past, it has regularly attended in recent years.

With the anticipation of the Switch 2 and the possibility that many upcoming games will be geared towards the new console, it appears that Nintendo might feel it lacks substantial content to showcase without its successor. This decision could potentially position Nintendo at a disadvantage compared to other major players like Xbox and PlayStation, who are expected to attend Gamescom. While there is much speculation about the Switch 2, little official information has been released.

Rumors suggest that the new console will be backwards compatible with the Switch, and there is speculation about certain games like Persona 3 Reload and Hi-Fi Rush potentially being available on the new platform. As of now, details about the Switch 2 and its game lineup remain unconfirmed. The potential impact of skipping Gamescom on the reveal timeline is also uncertain, leaving many to wonder when the new console will be officially announced.

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