Obtaining all Endings in Stellar Blade: A comprehensive guide.

Storytelling may not be Stellar Blade’s strongest aspect, but its combat is where the game excels. As the protagonist, Eve brings a wide array of fighting skills to the game, making combat a consistent and engaging element as players navigate through encounters with various Naytiba. With the recent release of Stellar Blade, it’s essential to be well-prepared with tips and tricks for the game.

The game features multiple endings, and unlocking them is relatively straightforward. To obtain the “Return to the Colony” ending, players must refuse to give their hand to Adam when prompted after his speech at the Nest. This choice leads to a battle with Adam in his normal form, followed by a confrontation with his true form as the Elder Naytiba.

For the “Cost of Lost Memories” ending, the final outcome hinges on the choice made with Adam, but there’s an additional factor to consider. Players must ensure that Lily’s meter, located in the top right corner and influenced by the collection of memory sticks or data entries, does not reach 100 percent. By avoiding collecting human data or memory sticks from corpses, players can control Lily’s meter.

Opting to give your hand to Adam triggers a boss fight known as Providence, different from the previous ending. The “Making New Memories” ending is similar to the “Cost of Lost Memories” ending, but this time players need to ensure that Lily’s bar is at 100 percent. This requires collecting every data entry and completing side quests that contribute to Lily’s progression.

While there’s no direct way to check Lily’s bar at any given time, players can briefly see the progression on the meter after collecting a memory stick or data entry. If Lily asks players to go to Eidos 9 during the point of no return, it indicates they’re on the right track for this ending. With Lily’s bar at 100 percent, players need to give their hand to Adam and defeat the Providence boss fight to achieve this ending.

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