Player in Baldur’s Gate 3 defeats Honour Mode with Undead Army

Baldur’s Gate 3’s Honour Mode can be challenging, but Reddit user Real-Business6593 found a unique way to make it easier. They utilized a party setup that allowed them to summon over 66 minions to help them fight. This strategy made the game significantly easier, but also raised questions about the balance of the game’s difficulty. Real-Business6593 achieved this by combining different character setups to summon a large number of minions.

Their Tav was a level 11 Cleric and level 1 Wizard, capable of summoning a dozen minions, including various forms of the undead and a spirit weapon. Additionally, other party members were turned into Spore Druids with varying secondary classes, each bringing their own armies of minions to the table. Real-Business6593’s party contained a total of 66 minions, including undead, spirits, and other creatures, making their army extremely powerful. The Reddit user even suggested that as long as there were enough items to refresh spore charges, one could theoretically have as many spore zombies as they liked.

Real-Business6593 also demonstrated how their army of minions performed in the game, showcasing its dominance in battles, particularly against the character Gortash. This unconventional strategy proved to be effective in overcoming tough enemies in Baldur’s Gate 3. Overall, Real-Business6593’s playthrough showcased the potential viability of summoning hordes of the undead as a strategy for overcoming formidable opponents in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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