Pokemon Go Fans Angry About Changes to Player Avatars

The most recent update to Pokemon Go has caused some dissatisfaction among players due to significant changes to player avatars. The new avatar models are less detailed and more uniform, and there have been reports of clothing glitches and clipping issues. Despite being released only a few days ago, players are already calling for the return of the old avatars. Earlier in the week, Pokemon Go had announced plans to offer more customization options including “enhanced visuals” and new avatar choices.

However, the recent update seems to have had the opposite effect, leading to widespread dissatisfaction among players. Many have expressed their frustration on social media platforms, highlighting the significant downgrade in the quality of the avatars. The issues with the new avatars appear to stem from the removal of distinct male and female models, replaced by a more generic model. This has sparked speculation about Niantic’s intention, whether as an attempt to promote diversity or expand customization options.

Despite the potential motivations, the changes have largely been met with disapproval. There is a growing demand from players for Niantic to revert to the old avatars, with some even drawing parallels to past controversies. The pressure on the developer to address the dissatisfaction is evident, but it remains to be seen whether they will make any changes in response to the backlash. Niantic has a reputation for standing by its decisions, regardless of public opinion.

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