Sonic Fans Complain about Knuckles’ Limited Presence in His Own Show

Early impressions for the Knuckles show are in, and it’s not looking great. Sonic fans are disappointed with the new Knuckles series on Paramount+.

A common complaint is that Knuckles barely features in his own show. According to fans, this means there’s too much focus on the human characters.

The Knuckles series is out now on Paramount+. Some viewers have already made their way through all six episodes and are not impressed.

Fans complain that Knuckles barely features in his own show, and overall, the fanbase seems to be disappointed in the spin-off, feeling that it fails to live up to the Sonic movies. The most common complaint is that the show prioritizes human characters over the Sonic gang, which is not what viewers were expecting in a show about the fan-favorite echidna.

Some viewers cannot watch Knuckles yet, as it is only available on Paramount+ in North America. Critics warn that fans of the games would be disappointed, and online reviews have suggested that Knuckles might be one of the worst Sonic adaptations.

Despite the show being called Knuckles, fans feel that it spends way too much time on Wade, a human character. Many also feel that the show’s quality is a huge step down from the movies as a whole.

It looks like this could be Paramount’s first miss with its Sonic spin-offs if the reviews stay like this when it drops internationally this Saturday. If you want to check it out for yourself, Knuckles is out on Paramount+ now in North America, and everyone else will get it tomorrow, April 27, with all six episodes dropping at once.

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