Stellar Blade Developer Concerned About Excessive Demo Playtime

Stellar Blade fans are eagerly getting ready for the game’s launch by practicing with the demo. However, Shift Up, the game’s developer, is expressing concern that fans are playing the demo excessively and has urged them to “go easy.” The progress made in the demo will carry over to the main game, which has raised worries about players becoming over-leveled for Stellar Blade’s early stages. The game’s launch date is rapidly approaching, and fans have been using the demo to practice, familiarize themselves with the game’s combat mechanics, and do some grinding to ensure they are well-prepared.

Some fans have been playing the demo so much that Shift Up has expressed concern. The developer, while grateful for the fans’ enthusiasm, has asked fans to be more restrained in their usage of the demo, especially with some players racking up over 50 hours of playtime. This request might seem unusual for a developer seeking to promote their game, but it aligns with the concerns about potential over-leveling due to carrying forward progress from the demo to the main game. The reason behind extensive playtime in the demo could stem from the game’s anticipated difficulty, with some players grinding to make the game easier for themselves or to remove potential obstacles.

On the other hand, some players may be deliberately seeking to make the game harder by embracing its challenge. Game director Kim Hyung Tae’s suggestion for players to have the character Eve wear more clothing to make the game easier was perceived as a challenge by some, leading to videos of no-hit runs of the demo being posted on social media, with one player even attempting to do it daily until the game’s full release. With the game’s launch scheduled for later this month, Shift Up hopes to replicate the demo’s success.

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