Stop Inquiring Larian About Baldur’s Gate 3 Future Plans

The game in question has made a significant impression on a wide audience, with many regarding it as the game of the year. It has also been credited with having a transformative impact on the RPG genre and introducing many to turn-based gameplay. The success of this game has generated considerable interest in the studio responsible, Larian, and its future projects. At a recent game development conference, Larian’s CEO Swen Vincke shared vague details about the studio’s next game, codenamed Excalibur.

He emphasized that the project is still in its conceptual phase and subject to potential changes. Despite the curiosity surrounding the upcoming game, Vincke stressed the need to allow the studio the space and time to develop their ideas without unnecessary pressure and questioning. While there is speculation about the nature of Larian’s upcoming projects, it is acknowledged that the studio has a strong track record in creating exceptional RPGs. Therefore, it is suggested that fans should trust in the studio’s capabilities and await further updates on their future endeavors.

Ultimately, the focus should be on allowing Larian the freedom to pursue their creative vision without undue interference.

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