Ultros Review – A Comprehensive Analysis of Ultros

Ultros is a recently released Metroidvania game that offers a unique twist by using gardening tools in place of traditional bombs and missiles. Despite being the latest entry in a genre crowded with indie games, Ultros manages to stand out by presenting a fresh and unconventional gameplay experience.

While it may not be considered a great game, it is definitely an intriguing experiment that showcases the potential for innovation within the familiar elements of the Metroidvania genre. The game features familiar components such as side-scrolling action-adventure gameplay, melee combat, a weapon wheel, and a storyline centered around a time loop.

However, it distinguishes itself by incorporating these elements into a setting unlike the typical space station environment often associated with the genre. The Sarcophagus, where the game takes place, is depicted as a vibrant and colorful world filled with alien plant life, a stark contrast to the sterile and monochromatic imagery commonly found in similar games.

One of Ultros’ most intriguing concepts is the weapon wheel, which replaces conventional weaponry with gardening tools. Players collect colorful seeds that grow into various plants, allowing them to manipulate the environment by trimming hedges, spraying plants, and using a digging tool to retrieve seeds.

Despite this innovative approach, the execution of these mechanics leaves much to be desired, as many of the tools feel underwhelming and lack the satisfying feedback expected from such interactions. The game also suffers from a lack of polish and refinement, evident in its time loop system, which often becomes tedious and repetitive, and the absence of proper tutorialization for the various tools.

Additionally, the absence of a journal or map marking feature makes navigation and progression more challenging than necessary. While Ultros presents an intriguing and visually captivating world, it falls short in delivering a truly immersive and engaging experience for the player.

The game’s potential remains evident, and it is clear that developer Hadoque has crafted an intriguing concept; however, it is marred by its underdeveloped mechanics and lack of attention to essential gameplay elements.

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