Alternate Leveling Paths in Last Epoch: A Guide

Last Epoch encourages build experimentation with its myriad of progression systems, deep crafting mechanics, and unique Legendary system. But as with most ARPGs, leveling a new character can be a tedious process that takes far too much time. Turn into a walking tesla coil with this powerful Runemaster leveling build. This guide will explain how alternate leveling paths work, where to find them, and when you should use each leveling path.

What Are Alternate Leveling Paths? You will need a dungeon key to access the leveling path. For example, if you take the alternate path in Chapter 2 that takes you to the Lightless Arbor, you’ll need a Lightless Arbor dungeon key. Should you die in the dungeon, you will be sent back to the dungeon’s entrance and lose your key.

Alternate leveling paths are multiple levels higher than your average zone. Be sure your character is geared to handle the increase in difficulty. All alternate leveling paths are shown below. Here is everything you need to know about experimental items in Last Epoch.

Lightless Arbor Path: The Lightless Arbor path can be found in Chapter 2 during the Ruined Era timeline. Once you reach The Surface, head north until you find an optional path that leads to The Shrouded Ridge. Follow that path to locate the Lightless Arbor dungeon. Lightless Arbor is a Level 22 dungeon with a fairly simple final boss.

Characters that are using crafted leveling gear or Legendary items should have little issue clearing it. Upon finishing the dungeon, you’ll be taken to The Corrupted Lake. Clear that zone, and you’ll end up in The Risen Lake in Chapter 4, located in the Thetima region during the Imperial Era. You can choose to either play Chapter 4 and continue as normal, or you can rush to the Soulfire Bastion skip at the northern end of the zone.

In general, all alternate characters can make great use of this path. Soulfire Bastion Path: Soulfire Bastion can be found in Chapter 4, which is set during the Imperial Era. The dungeon is located on the northern edge of Thetima and northwest of Welryn. Soulfire has a larger difficulty spike than the Lightless Arbor skip, featuring enemies at Level 45+.

If you can best the horrors within the dungeon, you’ll end up in Kolhem Pass in Chapter 7, located in Heoborea during the Divine Era. This zone is filled with side quests and houses a unique Arena activity. If you leveled through the Monolith of Fate, the Soulfire Bastion skip lets you catch up on missed Idol slots and passive points. Temporal Sanctum Path: The Temporal Sanctum skip is the strangest of the bunch due to its placement.

You’ll find this path in Chapter 5 next to The Shining Cove, a zone that can be accessed in the Imperial Era. You’ll need to open a door on the eastern edge of the shore to unlock a hidden time rift. Enter it, clear the Ruined Coast, and you should find the Temporal Sanctum dungeon. Beware that this dungeon is Level 55; be careful.

Clearing the Temporal Sanctum will unlock The Radiant Dunes in Chapter 8, a zone that’s adjacent to Maj’Elka city in the Divine Era. While it seems strange that you can’t access this skip right away from Soulfire Bastion, Temporal Sanctum’s placement is meant to give players a way to skip the difficult boss fights in Chapters 6 and 7, notably Lagon. If you leveled via Monoliths or hate the Lagon fight, use the Temporal Sanctum skip. When Should You Use Alternate Leveling Paths?

There is a specific use case for every leveling path in Last Epoch:

– Lightless Arbor: Great for all characters. Skips Chapter 3 and places you in a great spot for the Soulfire Bastion skip. – Soulfire Bastion: Best for players who leveled through the Monolith of Fate. – Temporal Sanctum: Ideal for players who hate the Lagon fight in Chapter 7.

It skips Chapters 6-7 and lets you reach Maj’Elka city at an earlier level. It’s also useful for Monolith characters that need access to the Maj’Elka factions.

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