Amazon Cancels Pre-Orders for Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Thousand-Year Door

If you’ve ordered either of these games through Amazon, you might want to check your emails. via Nintendo

Even though Nintendo hasn’t confirmed it will be releasing the Switch’s successor in 2025, the somewhat sparse year it’s having right now in terms of releases is evidence that’s probably the case. Most of Nintendo’s biggest first-party titles releasing this year are remasters and remakes, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door’s remake coming in May, and then a Luigi’s Mansion 2 remaster in June. However, if you’ve placed pre-orders for either of those games on Amazon, you might want to check they’re still in place.

Many who pre-ordered the upcoming Switch games through Amazon have reported their orders being canceled. The vague reason Amazon has given for the canceled orders is inventory issues, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. Although there’s currently no evidence digital pre-orders have been canceled alongside physical one, you currently can’t place a pre-order for either game, whether it be a digital copy or a physical one. Still full price seven years later, unless you pick them up on Amazon right now.

Noted in a Reddit thread where Switch owners have been sharing if their pre-orders for the games have been canceled, even if Amazon didn’t have enough physical copies to fulfill orders, it would usually request more stock and then change the release date. That isn’t what’s happening here. It has simply canceled pre-orders and not given a reason why. Pre-orders for both games are still live at other retailers, and if you have had your Amazon order taken away, you can place a new one elsewhere through the links in the boxes below.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a remake of the well-loved RPG first released on the GameCube. Relive this iconic adventure that turns 2D on its head and turns Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom into paper. Amazon also appears to have canceled pre-orders for Endless Ocean: Luminous. Releasing even sooner than Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Thousand-Year Door, Endless Ocean will be here in less than a month.

Again, the only reason given is inventory issues, and if you did place a pre-order for Endless Ocean through Amazon, you might want to check if it’s still in place. If not, the game is still available to buy through other retailers. Best Buy canceled Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth pre-orders ahead of its release earlier this year, but it turned out that was an accident and it made sure it had copies on hand for those who had their orders canceled and needed to place new ones. Amazon’s cancelations almost certainly aren’t a mistake, but the reason for them is still unknown.

Even if the games’ release dates had been moved, orders wouldn’t be canceled. There are some of you out there with Metroid Prime 4 pre-orders dating back to 2017. Maybe one day those orders will be fulfilled.

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