Helldivers 2 Leak Unveils Illuminate and Enhanced Automatons Expansion

TCS has backfired and the mutated Terminids are reproducing rapidly. The Illuminate are finally returning, after having stalked us from Automaton airspace. But if taking down the hardest faction in the game seemed a little too easy, you’d be right. We’ve played straight into Joel’s hands.

In doing so, the Cyborgs will overhaul and upgrade the Automatons, giving them new weapons and troop types. The most devastating of which is an orbital artillery canon that can take down Super Destroyers. A video from Strohmann News also leaked, showing an Automaton fleet *ten times* the size of any fleet we’ve ever seen mounting a surprise attack on Cyberstan and its surrounding planets. With the Automatons stronger than ever, now in league with their creators, Helldivers will be sent back into the fray to retake Cyberstan.

But we don’t just have upgraded Automatons and the newly sprung Cyborgs to worry about. The Termicide, which is also causing the bugs to mutate, is rapidly spreading through the system. So, we not only have Cyberstan’s reclamation in our near future, but an outbreak of even stronger Terminids to worry about. We’re still not done, though.

The Illuminate are returning from the South. Now, an audio clip has leaked of Helldivers being brutally murdered as they scream about the “tentacles”. So, to recap, we have even stronger Automatons teaming up with Cyborgs to attack us once again from the West, mutated Terminids spreading rapidly in the East, and aquatic tentacle creatures with far more advanced technology than us mounting an attack from the South. At least the North is quiet… right?

This time out, the Helldivers are deep in the Galactic War, and it’s up to you to bring Managed Democracy to the masses.

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