Defeating the Maelstrom in Stellar Blade: A Guide

In the game Stellar Blade, defeating the formidable boss Maelstrom requires exploiting its weak spots. The Maelstrom is unique in that it is connected to a wall by fleshy webs and attacks with projectile attacks.

Players will need to use ranged weapon ammunition to effectively take it down. To effectively damage the Maelstrom, players should aim for its weak spots, specifically the yellow pustules.

Hitting these pustules will lead to a larger boil appearing in the Maelstrom’s mouth, which can cause significant damage to the boss. However, managing limited ammo is crucial, as the Maelstrom will drop ammunition, but players need to act quickly to prevent the pustules from regenerating.

The Maelstrom attacks through three main methods: thrown attacks, projectile spats, and unblockable lasers. Players can dodge these attacks by avoiding their pathways, interrupting spats by shooting the pustules, and moving to the side or rushing forward to evade the laser attacks.

In the second phase of the Maelstrom boss fight, it attacks with fiery goo, and players can dodge these attacks using similar techniques from the first phase, albeit with increased speed and damage. Managing ammunition during the boss fight is crucial.

In the first phase, ammunition drops from the minions summoned by the Maelstrom, while in the second phase, they drop whenever a pustule is burst, requiring players to gather them from close proximity to the boss or from dodging thrown lava bombs. Overall, defeating the Maelstrom in Stellar Blade requires strategic targeting of weak points, effectively dodging its attacks, and managing ammunition sources to ensure consistent damage.

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