Ultimate Guard Curates Official MTG Bloomburrow Range

Ultimate Guard, known for its high-quality card storage solutions, has announced a collaboration with Magic: The Gathering to release an officially licensed MTG product line. The first MTG Ultimate Guard products are set to be launched in August, coinciding with the upcoming Bloomburrow expansion for the trading card game.

These new products, including deck boxes and binders, are designed to keep trading cards safe and in excellent condition for serious collectors. Ultimate Guard’s long-standing commitment to both safety and aesthetics in card storage has been further endorsed by their partnership with Magic: The Gathering.

Ultimate Guard’s general manager has expressed excitement about this collaboration, hinting at a potential series of official MTG collections in the future. The first collection, Bloomburrow, themed around the upcoming expansion, is scheduled for release in August 2024, featuring various storage solutions such as deck boxes, binders, and play-mats.

Notably, the Bloomburrow-themed products, such as the Sidewinder 100+ Xenoskin deck boxes and Zipfolio 360 Xenoskin binders, will showcase artwork from the expansion. Additionally, the Play-Mat is anticipated to reveal spoilers for the Bloomburrow set’s main storyline.

While the announcement of these official Ultimate Guard products has heightened anticipation for the MTG Bloomburrow set, the success of MTG’s Fallout expansion has already garnered significant praise from the gaming community. Furthermore, with the release of Assassin’s Creed’s Universes Beyond set joining the MTG multiverse in July, the excitement around future expansions and collaborations continues to grow.

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