Epic Removes Earthbending from Fortnite Before Official Release

Fortnite fans have been speculating on two potential reasons for the recent removal of Earthbending from the game. One reason is the perceived lack of impact that Earthbending had on enemy players. Many players reported that Earthbending was either dealing minimal damage to opponents or struggling to even hit people.

This led to a consensus that it was the worst form of bending in the collaboration. Some believe that Epic may have vaulted the mythic to make adjustments and improve the gameplay experience for those who use it. However, another theory suggests a different reason behind the removal of Earthbending.

A Twitter user, Shanyshdw, highlighted a potential issue with Earthbending in a video showing how the mythic could be used to hit people through build walls. This showcased a flaw in the game’s mechanics, as players were able to exploit the mythic’s abilities to bypass defenses, leading to an unfair advantage in combat situations. While the ability to use Earthbending in this way may be feasible in the show, it raised concerns about the imbalance it created in the gameplay mechanics of Fortnite.

The combination of Earthbending’s limited impact on opponents and its ability to bypass defensive structures may have contributed to its removal from the game. The decision to vault Earthbending remains unclear, as Epic does not typically disclose the reasons behind such actions. However, with the ongoing Avatar collaboration, it is possible that Epic is working to address the issues with Earthbending before reintroducing it to the game.

Players are hopeful that the mythic’s mechanics will be revised to provide a more balanced and enjoyable experience for all participants. Fortnite, originally a tower defense game, has evolved into one of the most popular video games worldwide, with its battle royale mode gaining widespread cultural significance. It has hosted concerts and collaborations with various brands, demonstrating its widespread appeal and influence in the gaming industry.

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