Amazon’s Fallout Can Be Ignored If Desired

The Fallout TV series produced by Amazon has garnered considerable attention from fans of the game. Some fans have raised concerns regarding the canon of the show, particularly in relation to discrepancies with the established lore of the game. One major point of contention is the heavy presence of the Brotherhood of Steel in the show, while there is little mention of the New California Republic (NCR). However, the show addresses this issue by revealing the destruction of the NCR’s capital city, Shady Sands, and the subsequent events that lead to the rise of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Despite this, there are still some unresolved questions and ambiguities in the timeline. The season finale of the show introduces a significant plot twist, revealing that the nuclear apocalypse was orchestrated by a group of powerful corporate executives in collaboration with Vault-Tec, rather than as a result of a war between nuclear powers as previously believed. While this twist may raise doubts about its legitimacy, it adds an intriguing layer to the pre-war history of the Fallout universe. However, it is unlikely to have a significant impact on future Fallout games, as the series tends to focus on unique settings and stories.

Ultimately, despite the revelations in the show, it is up to individual fans to determine the canonicity of the series. The show’s exploration of pre-war history adds an interesting dimension to the Fallout universe, but it is unlikely to have a substantial impact on future games. The unique setting and stories of each Fallout game are expected to take precedence over the events depicted in the TV series.

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