Explanation of Steam’s Policy Change Regarding Refunds

The recent update to Steam’s refund policy now includes early access playtime in the two-hour refund limit upon release. This change aims to prevent the abuse of refund policies and support the overall health of the gaming industry. Previously, playtime before a game’s release did not count towards the two-hour refund limit, leading to potential exploitation of the system.

However, with the new policy, pre-release playtime is now taken into account. This adjustment retains the 14-day refund period while ensuring that early access playtime is considered. Furthermore, beta testing has a separate policy from advanced access, ensuring that both forms of early game access are covered in the updated refund policy.

While there may still be some loopholes, such as players rushing through short games for achievements and then requesting refunds, the update remains a positive development for both developers and players. It is emphasized that game developers deserve fair compensation for their work, and consumers should consider their actions before seeking refunds for games they have spent substantial time playing. The relationship between players and developers is symbiotic, and supporting the games we love is crucial for the long-term sustainability of the industry.

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