Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Exploring the Unreliable Narrator and its Beauty

Cloud Strife’s character is one that cannot be relied upon. He is a tragic figure struggling to overcome his circumstances. The trilogy he is a part of revolves around the theme of altering fate, for better or worse.

This theme reaches a climax at the end of Rebirth, as Aerith once again meets her demise at the hands of Sephiroth. However, a twist is introduced as Cloud appears to block Sephiroth’s attack, only for Aerith to end up fatally wounded. The party then engages in a final battle against interdimensional versions of Sephiroth, during which Cloud and Zack confront another form of the enemy.

After the battle, Aerith assists Cloud, and they emerge victorious. However, upon returning to reality, Cloud is left holding Aerith’s dying body, with the rest of the party grieving her loss. This decision by Square Enix to continue the tragic plot thread of the original game evokes strong emotions from the characters.

Despite the hints of a possible reversal, Aerith’s death is accepted by all except Cloud. As the group prepares to head North, the impact of Aerith’s death is evident on everyone except Cloud, who appears to have conversations with Aerith’s spirit. The text emphasizes the influence of Mako on Cloud’s perceptions, as well as the potential for Aerith’s presence to play a significant role in the narrative.

It suggests that Cloud’s deteriorating mental state could lead to multiverse adventures to save Aerith or force him to come to terms with her loss. Tifa’s role as a primary love interest is acknowledged, but the focus is on Aerith’s prominence and the need for her character arc to be resolved. The trilogy continues to explore the story of Cloud Strife and his involvement with the eco-terrorist group Avalanche as they seek to thwart Sephiroth’s plans and save the planet.

As they depart from Midgar, the direction of their journey remains uncertain.

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