Stellar Blade features some of the worst platforming in gaming.

The game Stellar Blade includes various elements, with platforming being a significant part of it. The platforming in the game is expected to provide easy amusement, link areas, and offer a break from combat. However, the execution of the platforming falls short of its intended purpose.

Despite the increasing complexity of the platforming challenges, the game fails to evoke a feeling of coolness or success. Instead, players encounter frustrating and often unfair obstacles that lead to frequent deaths. The game introduces a range of platforming abilities for the protagonist, Eve, such as climbing, swinging, running, double jumping, dashing, and dodging.

However, the controls and mechanics do not consistently function as intended, leading to frequent instances where Eve fails to execute basic tasks, resulting in her untimely demise. The platforming sections of the game lack the precision and reliability required for a rewarding gameplay experience. Players often encounter instances where Eve’s actions do not align with their input, leading to frustrating and unfair deaths.

The addition of rotating saw blades and on-rails sections further exacerbates the challenges, as they often result in graphic deaths that feel disproportionately punishing compared to other aspects of the game. Moreover, the game’s punitive approach is evident in instances where minor errors or missteps lead to unexpected consequences, such as being sent back to the start of a section without clear justification. This further contributes to the sense of frustration and inconsistency in the platforming experience.

Despite offering a variety of attacks and outfits to portray Eve as a successful and cool character, the game undermines this portrayal by making basic tasks overly challenging and prone to failure. The frequent deaths due to platforming errors detract from the overall enjoyment of the game and overshadow the narrative of Eve’s battle against the alien invaders. In summary, while the platforming in Stellar Blade is meant to provide a lighthearted diversion from combat and exploration, its flawed execution and punishing mechanics detract from the player’s ability to feel successful and cool.

The inconsistency and unfairness of the platforming challenges overshadow the game’s narrative and character portrayal, ultimately impacting the overall gameplay experience.

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