Obtaining Shiny Cleffa and Completing Cleffa Hatch Day in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is hosting another Egg-focused Hatch Day this month, featuring Cleffa, the pre-evolution of Clefairy. In addition to the typical bonuses, there will be extended bonuses active in the days leading up to the event. The main Cleffa Hatch Day Event will be active for three hours on Sunday, April 28, 2024, from 2pm local time to 5pm local time. During this time, the chances of hatching Cleffa from 2 km Eggs will be greatly increased.

There will be two Egg-themed bonuses available during the three-hour Hatch Day:
1. Earning twice the Candy from hatching Eggs. 2. Having a higher chance of obtaining 2 km Eggs from spinning PokeStop Photo Discs.

Along with the free event Timed Research, there will be a paid Timed Research, offering additional bonuses for ticket-holders throughout the event. Extended bonuses will be available to all players from Friday, April 26, 2024, at 10am local time to Sunday, April 28, 2024, at 5pm local time. The first extended bonus will reduce the hatch distance of all Eggs, allowing players to quickly hatch different Eggs and acquire new ones. The second extended bonus will offer event-themed Field Research Tasks at PokeStops before and during the Cleffa Hatch Day, rewarding players with XP and Stardust.

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