Fallout 4 Fans Create “Lore Accurate” Build in Response to Writer’s Revelation of Nate as War Criminal

Fans have run with this and begun collaborating on a “lore accurate” build. He backtracked and claimed that “not every bit of info I share is automatically canon” due to how divisive the reveal was, but fans ran with it and are already putting together “lore accurate” builds in the game.

“Help me make a lore accurate war criminal Sole Survivor,” Alarmed-Locksmith277 posted on the game’s subreddit. “In the picture, we see Nate holding what appears to be either a Bozar or a Minigun and given that the Bozar doesn’t exist in Fallout 4, I think we can say it’s a Minigun.

So I say we give five points to Strength and max out the Heavy Weapons perk. He’s also using a full set of T-51 Power Armour, [so] we can give nine points to Intelligence in order to get the Nuclear Physicist perk.

Any other ideas?” Some suggest grabbing the Bloody Mess and Demolition Expert perks, but fans are divided on whether Nate should be charismatic.

While a popular comment claims he should have an impressive ten Charisma, another fan argued that you should be pumping the points into Endurance instead, given that Nate will be bearing the weight of Power Armour for most of the game. A lore accurate build is one thing, but how Nate responds to the Commonwealth is another.

To make matters worse, he’s not *just *a callous murderer who sat back and laughed while his friend shot an unarmed civilian, he’s a dad who woke up in the apocalypse to find his wife dead and his child missing. He’s going to be even crueller.

Pick every sarcastic option, fill your pockets with mini-nukes, and annihilate all of your enemies without a second thought. This is the first canonical villain playthrough in the series, embrace it.

Fallout 4 adds more to the series, including base building and an enhanced armor system, as well as an open world to traverse as you please.

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