Elden Ring Subreddit Reveals Which Bosses They Always Avoid

The community has been sharing all the bosses they go out of their way to avoid on each playthrough, from Malenia to the Tree Sentinels. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the duo bosses are popular picks.

It’s fun to gank, but never fun to be ganked. We’re all human, or as human as Tarnished can get.

And that’s what the subreddit has been discussing, sharing all the big bads that they go out of their way to skip every time they play the game. Classic Miyazaki.

The boss itself isn’t that bad, but trying to lure it onto one of the few platforms not in the poison is. Luckily, it’s completely optional.

You can run past and go straight to the coffin instead. Unless you’re a completionist and *really *want the Dragonscale Blade (and a measly 58,000 runes), it’s not worth it.

The full-grown Fallingstar Beast on top of Mt. Gelmir.

Too aggressive, hits like a dump truck carrying dump trucks, and one wrong move and you fall to your death. “Malenia,” Commfortablepin251 added.

“I’ve done six playthroughs and [in] four of them I fought Malenia. I don’t enjoy the fight and I don’t think the reward is worth it.

Seriously, the second one didn’t even fly down in time to save his friend who we vigorously bonked to death. The Crucible Knight duo is another common answer.

That one I completely understand – they have ridiculous poise and their punches pack more weight than ten Havels combined. If you’re struggling with two bosses at once, Spirit Ashes are your friend.

Even if they don’t do much damage, they’ll at least distract one of the pair. “If I could skip the Godskin Duo in Farum Azula every time I would,” Ok-Selection6371 said, echoing a sentiment I’m sure many share.

And of course, the two Tree Sentinels guarding the entrance to the capital crop up plenty in the Reddit thread. Thank god you can just run past them and rest at the grace.

If you’re sneaky, you can go back afterwards and pick them off one by one instead.

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