Fallout Designer Displeased with TV Show Depicting Destruction of Shady Sands

In the Fallout TV series, Vault-Tec nuked Shady Sands, the capital of the NCR, leading to immediate backlash within the community. Concerns were raised about the impact on the canon of New Vegas.

Despite the controversy, some fans, like Deiley, expressed disapproval of the series but also acknowledged the rights of the creators. They were annoyed by the association of the series with the original content, feeling that the creators lacked understanding of the original material.

The creator behind the concept of talking deathclaws expressed pride in the release of the show and its ability to renew interest in the games. Deiley also mentioned a fan-made remake of Fallout 2, called Project Arroyo, which aims to modernize the classic ’90s RPG.

He expressed a desire for the success of such projects. Shady Sands is a significant location in the Fallout series, originating from the first game as a town built by survivors of Vault 15.

This society, made self-sufficient through the use of a GECK, prospered with the help of the Vault Dweller. In Fallout 2, Shady Sands evolved into the NCR, the bustling capital of the New California Republic, boasting prominent structures and housing the president, Tandi.

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