Helldivers 2 Adding Star Wars’ Clone Troopers And Droids

A new mod created by two players of Helldivers 2 has added a large amount of content from Star Wars to the game. This mod has transformed the game, giving it the appearance of the long-awaited Battlefront 3. The well-known YouTuber ToastedShoes showcased the mod, revealing that it will be available soon.

The mod is shaping up to be the largest one created for Helldivers 2 due to the extensive changes it brings to the game. With the addition of characters and enemies from the Star Wars universe, including iconic Clone Troopers battling droids and AT-ATs, the mod has captured the essence of the beloved franchise. Furthermore, the mod also features starships from the Star Wars universe, enhancing the gameplay experience.

The YouTuber’s video exhibits the mod in action, showcasing the game’s transition from a bug-squashing game to a representation of the Battlefront series. The crossover between the two worlds, both with their focus on galactic warfare, makes sense and provides an exciting experience for fans. However, the recent weeks have not been smooth for Helldivers 2 as it faced issues with the PSN account and received negative reviews.

Despite these challenges, the unique Star Wars mod and an upcoming cape related to the review bomb serve as reminders of what drew players to the game in the first place. Despite the game’s popularity, Helldivers 2 has not seen many large-scale mods until now. The Star Wars mod, which transforms playable characters, ships, and enemies, indicates the potential for more mods in the future.

This paves the way for possibilities such as mods based on other franchises like Halo, Killzone, or Resistance. Even if other ideas don’t come to fruition, the Star Wars mod provides an exciting alternative for fans eagerly awaiting Battlefront 3.

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