Fallout Showrunners Claim Major Plot Twist Isn’t “Conclusive

The Fallout TV series has sparked much speculation among fans. Some have theorized that Vault-Tec may not have been the ones responsible for starting the apocalypse, as evidenced by House being caught off guard at a meeting. Showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet have expressed their intention to delve deeper into this concept and have emphasized that nothing is “definitive” at this point in the storyline.

They plan to explore what unfolds after the meeting and have hinted at the possibility of shedding light on the truth in the near future. The show’s creators have stressed that everything depicted in the series is subjective, and that there are more revelations and exciting developments planned in the narrative between the pivotal moment and the ultimate climax. One proposed idea is that Vault-Tec may have intended to initiate the apocalypse, but another party may have executed the plan, catching them by surprise.

This would not only address the plot hole involving House but also offer a fitting explanation for other elements in the story. Although it remains uncertain whether Vault-Tec was the true instigator, the show’s creators have indicated that they intend to explore this further in future episodes. Additionally, it has been noted that the Fallout franchise comprises several main games, spin-offs, tabletop games, and the TV series produced by Amazon Studios.

These factors contribute to the rich and expansive universe of the Fallout series.

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