Pokemon Sleep Suite to Open This Summer at Tokyo’s Grand Hyatt Hotel

This summer, Pokemon Sleep fans will have the opportunity to stay in a themed room at Tokyo’s Grand Hyatt Hotel. The Pokemon Sleep suite will be available for booking from July 1 to September 1.

The suite features Pokemon-themed decor, and guests will receive Pokemon-themed food and plush toys to take home. The suite is a tribute to the game/lifestyle app Pokemon Sleep, which was released nearly a year ago, and will likely include an anniversary event.

The Grand Hyatt Hotel has transformed its chairman suite into a Pokemon Sleep-themed room named Greengrass Isle. The suite features a green carpet to mimic grass, shrubs, and flowers, as well as plush Pokemon characters, including a giant Snorlax.

In addition to the plush toys, guests will receive Pokemon Sleep-themed amenities, including a t-shirt, backpack, wellness bag, and water bottle. However, staying in the suite comes with a high cost of 275,050 yen ($1,777) per night.

In addition to the themed décor and amenities, guests staying in the Pokemon Sleep suite will also receive a Pokemon-themed dinner and breakfast for two, featuring unique items such as a Snorlax burger and Lucky Chant Apple Pie. There is also a more affordable option available for 71,500 yen ($462) per night, which includes fewer accessories but still offers the same amenities.

Guests staying in the Pokemon Sleep suite will have a unique opportunity to experience the themed food and accommodations, as well as take home exclusive Pokemon Sleep-themed items. Despite the high cost, this experience provides an immersive and memorable celebration for fans of the game.

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