Fallout TV Series Includes Massive Cameo from New Vegas

The Amazon TV show features an iconic character from Fallout: New Vegas, making a brief appearance in its finale, with the potential of a more substantial role in the next season. In a pivotal scene towards the end of the season, the character, known to fans as Mr. House, is introduced in a different form than seen in the original game. Despite the focus on original characters, the show hints at the possibility of more flashbacks featuring Mr. House in the upcoming season.

In the season one finale, the character of Mr. House appears in a meeting with Vault-Tec and representatives of other large corporations. This scene reveals that these companies were behind the unpleasant experiments featured in the Fallout games, and it is also indicated that Vault-Tec plans to initiate the nuclear bombings themselves, ensuring a return on their investments. Although the timeline suggests that Mr. House is likely deceased at this point, the finale opens up the potential for his appearance in flashbacks in the next season.

The show’s portrayal of Mr. House is performed by Anthony Misiano, replacing the original actor, René Auberjonois, who voiced the character in the game. In the show, Mr. House appears younger and in better health than his game counterpart. The appearance of Mr. House and the focus on New Vegas in the finale hint at a significant role for the city in the upcoming season.

This could also mean that more characters from the game may make appearances, providing an exciting connection for fans of the Fallout franchise.

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