Improvements to Character Models in Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail Benchmark

The Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail benchmark has been released, featuring a substantial visual upgrade for characters. This update allows players to preview the graphical enhancements that will be included in the upcoming Dawntrail expansion.

As a result, many players have noticed significant improvements in their character models upon logging into the game. The benchmark not only provides a glimpse of the upcoming expansion’s graphical changes but also serves as a tool to assess whether a player’s system can handle the expansion.

Initial feedback indicates that the anticipated graphical overhaul has been well-received, with players sharing their character’s new appearance and expressing satisfaction with the results. The improved detail and lighting have notably enhanced the overall character models.

While some players have had to make adjustments in the character customizer to achieve their desired appearance, most are content with the graphical overhaul. Notably, the benchmark also introduced the option to play as a female Hrothgar for the first time, which has been positively received by the gaming community.

For those interested in accessing the Dawntrail benchmark, there is a guide available for installation on PC. It’s important to note that the benchmark is currently only available for PC, as its primary purpose is to assess system compatibility for the upcoming expansion.

The Dawntrail expansion will be accessible on PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4, and additionally on Xbox platforms following the recent port of Final Fantasy 14 to Xbox Series X/S. Considering the excitement surrounding preorders for the Dawntrail expansion, it is expected to be a popular addition to the game.

Overall, the Dawntrail benchmark has generated enthusiasm for the upcoming expansion and provided players with a preview of the improvements to come.

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