Fortnite 2024 Roadmap Appears to Have Been Leaked

A recent Fortnite leak has claimed to reveal the game’s content roadmap for 2024, including potential crossovers with Pirates of the Caribbean, Metallica, and Lego Star Wars. While some reliable Fortnite leakers are divided on its authenticity, many are eagerly awaiting the Fortnite Festival Season 3 update to confirm the roadmap. The leak, initially originating from 4chan, suggests that the upcoming season may draw inspiration from Mad Max and feature collaborations with Pirates of the Caribbean and Metallica. Additionally, it hints at a significant Lego Star Wars update for Lego Fortnite and a crossover with Billie Eilish for Fortnite Festival.

Overall, the leaked information has sparked debate within the Fortnite community, with some aspects appearing more plausible than others. Despite the uncertainty surrounding its validity, the leak has generated significant interest and discussion among Fortnite fans.

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