Thunder Junction Infinite Combo Increases Price of MTG Card by 545%

A recent discovery in the world of Magic: The Gathering has caused a significant increase in the value of a specific card. The card in question, Cerulean Wisps, experienced a drastic price spike of 545 percent following the revelation of a new infinite combo with the Thunder Junction Commander, Stella Lee, Wildcard. The newly discovered combo allows players to utilize Cerulean Wisps alongside Stella Lee, Wildcard to effectively draw their entire deck in just one turn. This has led to the sharp increase in the card’s value, highlighting the volatile nature of Magic: The Gathering’s second-hand market, where external factors can heavily influence card prices.

The spike in Cerulean Wisps’ price occurred due to it being incorporated into the infinite combo with the newly released Thunder Junction Commander. The surge in value, which occurred between April 12 and April 18, is a recent development and may continue to rise as more players become aware of the combo. For those interested in setting up the infinite combo themselves, it involves casting Cerulean Wisps after at least two other spells, targeting Stella Lee, and then utilizing her ability to copy the spell. This process can be repeated to draw the entire deck in a single turn, explaining the substantial increase in the card’s value.

Overall, the discovery of this new combo has had a significant impact within the Magic: The Gathering community, demonstrating the dynamic nature of the game and its associated card market.

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