Hades 2: Returning Home to an Old Friend

The long-awaited sequel from Supergiant offers a comfortable yet innovative experience. It introduces new and familiar characters and provides a decent tour of the new hub world.

Melinoe, the protagonist, stands out as a captivating heroine and a compelling parallel to her brother, Zagreus. The hub world is filled with diverse characters who offer new lines of dialogue as the game progresses, reflecting individual aims and the willingness to change as the player draws closer to their goal.

The hub world serves as a sanctuary for Melinoe, unlike Zagreus, who wants to escape. Unlike her brother, Melinoe acknowledges and greets the spirits and characters around her, demonstrating a different perspective on life through her words, body language, and treatment of her home.

The attention to detail is evident in the game, with an expanded spell and ability system allowing for more diverse combinations and strategies. The narrative and character interactions are set to progress further, creating an exciting and immersive experience.

The game also introduces various improvements, making it feel familiar yet daring and better than before. Overall, Hades 2 offers a welcoming and compelling experience, drawing players into the world of the Underworld and its characters.

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