Razer Kishi Ultra Outperforms Most of My Regular Controllers for Mobile Gaming

The Kishi Ultra is a new favorite controller for many gamers, including the author. Introduced during a visit to Razer, it was described as the first mobile controller with no compromises. The author has been using it daily and praises its ergonomic design, making it their go-to PC controller.

The Kishi Ultra is part of the popular Kishi series, which the author has been a fan of for a long time. While they have always loved mobile gaming, previous Kishi models did not see much use as the author would typically grab their Switch or Steam Deck for handheld gaming at home. However, the Kishi Ultra has been a game-changer with its innovative design.

The controller incorporates features from Razer’s wired pro controller, the Wolverine V2. It offers a fully-functioned gamepad with pro-grade features, such as anti-friction rings around the thumbsticks and Mecha-tactile D-pad and face buttons that provide a comfortable gaming experience. The Kishi Ultra also includes additional features, such as programmable buttons, a headphone jack, and Sensa HD Haptics technology.

The wideband high-definition haptics technology enhances the gaming experience by creating multidirectional vibration based on in-game sound. Despite its larger size compared to older Kishi models, the author finds the Kishi Ultra to be comfortable and is not bothered by its bulkiness when traveling. They also appreciate the wider spread, making their arms fit more comfortably on armrests.

Overall, the author believes that the Kishi Ultra is a top-end mobile controller that arrives at the perfect time, given the rapid growth of cloud and native gaming on mobile. They find it hard to imagine a mobile controller much better than the Kishi Ultra.

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