Helldivers 2 Update: “Democracy (Sort of)” and Frozen Yogurt Industry Developments

I was pleasantly surprised that the Operation turned out to be a success, and I suspect that Game Master Joel played a significant role in that. It’s important to acknowledge that luck, and perhaps Joel’s generosity, contributed to this victory.

The timely liberation of Oshaune resulted in the liberation of Fori Prime due to supply line dynamics, and both planets were counted towards the Major Order. We took a brief break from Major Orders to celebrate, allowing us and the Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead to divert our attention from sanctioned violence on Super Earth and enjoy some downtime.

Arrowhead teased two new stratagems on Twitter, building excitement before revealing the next Major Order: Operation Legitimate Undertaking, which involves liberating two planets in Phase 1 – Choohe and Penta. The community rallied to liberate Penta first, and after a successful liberation, the Airburst Rocket Launcher became available for purchase.

The fate of Choohe remains uncertain, but it’s unlikely that the Anti-Tank Mines will be permanently lost. After completing Operation Menkent Line, players expected the liberated planets to have some lasting defense system effect, but they were attacked again shortly without any visible impact from the defense system.

It’s possible that this is a communication issue. The temporary nature of achievements in Helldivers 2, such as the suppression of threats and eradication efforts, has been integrated well into the storyline.

However, the lack of mention of the orbital defense systems after their construction may be disappointing. Despite attempting to convey my dissatisfaction through a joking tweet from Arrowhead, I am committed to promoting Managed Democracy in this deep Galactic War.

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