Metaphor: ReFantazio Is Learning From Persona

The game “Metaphor” presents a departure from the romantic and tactical approach of the Persona series in favor of a more fantasy-fueled adventure. With a strong focus on the game’s UI, Atlus games are known for their attention to detail and the significance they give to every element of the game. In “Metaphor,” the UI is considered a form of art, integral to the game’s identity. Atlus games are praised for their deliberate creativity, which contributes to engrossing gameplay experiences.

While “Persona 5” was lauded for its UI, “Metaphor” takes a different aesthetic approach. The game’s UI is minimalist, with a clean white color scheme, emphasizing detailed character models and a painterly palette. Looking ahead, there is speculation about the direction of “Persona 6,” considering the game’s popularity and the potential to appeal to a wider Western audience. Meanwhile, “Metaphor” introduces a new IP with the freedom to explore different gameplay elements, such as action combat and a fantasy setting.

“Metaphor” offers a separate experience for fans who may be seeking something familiar yet distinct from the Persona series. In the game, players engage in battles to claim the throne of a kingdom and save the world. Overall, “Metaphor” represents a departure from the established Persona series, providing a different experience while showcasing Atlus’s trademark attention to detail and creativity.

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