Nexon developing Game of Thrones MMO, as per report.

Nexon is reportedly working on a Game of Thrones MMO which takes place in the North, set during Seasons 4 and 5 of the show. The game is said to be in development and will be handled by Korean publisher Nexon.

According to a report from Redanian Intelligence, the game will focus on the North and the Wall, and will include characters from the show. However, these characters will not be played by the original actors.

Players will meet characters like Roose Bolton, Jon Snow, and Sam Tarly as part of the Northern storyline. The only choice for the player character mentioned in the report is that players can play as a man or a woman.

The game is rumored to have a story mode and will also be online, allowing for interaction with other players. Redanian Intelligence suggests that the game could potentially include other locations as well, despite the focus on the North.

This raises the possibility of pledging allegiances to the houses in the South, as there was conflict throughout Westeros at this point in the show. While no other kingdoms are mentioned, it would be unusual for a Game of Thrones MMO not to include iconic areas like Kings Landing or feature fan-favorite characters like Daenerys.

However, if included in the narrative, it would require a huge map for the developers to create, given Daenerys’ presence in Essos at this point in the story. The text also mentions previous video game spin-offs of Game of Thrones, including cancelled games and limited recent offerings.

Despite the mixed success of previous Game of Thrones video game adaptations, there is anticipation for potential inclusion of more Game of Thrones characters in MultiVersus.

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