Hi-Fi Rush’s Physical Release Could Be Vital in Preserving History

Following the closure of the studio, many assumed the project had ended, but it turns out that everyone involved is striving to carry out one final hurrah on behalf of Chai and friends. Limited Run is expected to present the project in luscious packaging, with cosmetic bonuses such as a soundtrack, art book, and stickers. Tiers of different editions are also anticipated, and with Hi-Fi Rush wanting to go out with a bang, high demand is expected.

A recent update introduced minor bug fixes on all platforms, but the potential release of a rumored Switch port is uncertain. However, fans of Hi-Fi Rush are aware that some iconic moments are underpinned by licensed music which may eventually expire. This would require patching out the music or even removing the game from sale entirely.

Digital versions may be at risk of being removed in the future, leading to the scarcity of physical copies. In a digital age, video games and other artistic mediums must contend with issues related to licensed music. If the studio had not been shut down, the game may have faced updates to renew licenses or remove music to ensure its longevity.

However, in the current situation, digital purchases are bound by agreements and licenses that users have no control over, leaving physical copies as the most reliable way to preserve the game for the future. As the game is driven by music, it seems fitting that select tracks are used to bring it to life while incorporating an original soundtrack. Digital purchases are convenient but bound to licenses, thus prone to being taken away at any time, making physical and unofficial digital back-ups the only way to truly preserve the games we love.

Given the potential conflicts awaiting the digital version in the years to come, obtaining a physical copy could be the most reliable way to ensure the game can still be experienced decades from now. In the game, as Chai, players will take on a nefarious megacorp that created the cybernetic arm.

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