Don’t overlook The Outer Worlds, dear fans of Fallout

The Outer Worlds is a game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, known for their work on New Vegas. It bears similarities to the newer Fallout games and effectively captures their tone and humor. Instead of starting with The Outer Worlds, some suggest playing the original two games to explore more of the West Coast, as they are also developed by Obsidian and share similar RPG elements.

In The Outer Worlds, players travel from planet to planet on a ship called the Unreliable, accompanied by a diverse party of characters. The game’s gameplay is reminiscent of Bethesda’s style, making it an easy transition for fans of New Vegas. The engaging writing in The Outer Worlds compensates for the lack of iconic elements found in Fallout games.

The game successfully immerses the player in its world, resembling the rich personality of New Vegas. Transitioning from New Vegas to other Fallout games is challenging due to the less fleshed-out factions and less interesting characters. The Outer Worlds is seen as the perfect next step for fans of New Vegas, maintaining what made it special while improving the shooting mechanics.

Additionally, the possibility of a sequel in the near future makes The Outer Worlds an enticing choice compared to the potential long wait for Fallout 5. The game has garnered attention and enthusiasm, with additional content including various games and a TV series from Amazon Studios.

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