Who would sell their graded Pokemon cards to GameStop?

The graded Pokemon card hobby is well aware of the unsuitability of doing business with GameStop. The future of GameStop remains uncertain and has been sustained through stock speculation and questionable business decisions. Exhibit A: an attempt to enter the graded collectible market, starting with Pokemon cards. This has been met with skepticism as GameStop has a history of chasing get-rich-quick schemes.

The decision to venture into the graded collectible market, particularly with Pokemon cards, seems on-brand for GameStop, yet impractical. The company’s pursuit of quick gains overlooks the volatile and manipulative nature of the trading card market and is not considered a wise move. The challenge for GameStop lies in persuading knowledgeable collectors to sell their cards to the retail giant. The intended target customer for this venture is unclear as those involved in the graded card hobby are familiar with market values and are unlikely to trade with GameStop.

GameStop’s history of offering poor trade-in values further diminishes the appeal of doing business with them. The potential impact of GameStop’s entry into the graded TCG market could have dire consequences for local game stores and the communities that support them. This all serves as evidence that the GameStop venture is ill-conceived and has numerous drawbacks.

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