MatPat predicts creators in the fashion industry will have more crossovers this year.

MatPat, co-founder of Creators in Fashion, mentioned in a recent interview that there will be another collaboration with Theorists centered around food and travel in 2024. Creators in Fashion is part of MatPat’s new focus on behind-the-scenes work, but it won’t be his last venture with Theorists.

The next collaboration will focus on food and travel, and is expected to be another ambitious one-night event. In this upcoming event, hosted by the Food Theorists channel, food, travel, and culture will be explored in how they interact and inform one another.

While specific details and participants of this crossover were not revealed, creators from various brands, including culinary and travel-focused channels, are anticipated to be involved. MatPat also hinted at more collaborations in the works, indicating a busy year ahead for Theorists.

During the interview, MatPat expressed excitement at the prospect of future collaborations and applying the lessons learned from Creators in Fashion to upcoming projects. He emphasized the diversity and potential for innovative content arising from these partnerships.

The upcoming food-and-travel crossover, along with the Creators in Fashion event, are just the beginning of what Theorists have in store for the year. The anticipated Creators in Fashion event, a unique combination of Game Theory and Style Theory, will take place on April 25, 2024, at 5:30 PM EST and can be viewed on YouTube.

The event will also feature the showcasing of fashion items modeled during the show for immediate purchase.

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