MatPat on the Implications of Retiring from YouTube

MatPat, known for hosting Theorists videos, has retired from YouTube but is still active in other projects like Creators in Fashion and collaborative events. Despite stepping back from the camera, he remains busy with behind-the-scenes work on Theorist channels. MatPat plans to enjoy more personal time after years of creating content but still remains active in the online entertainment industry.

On January 9th, a video was posted on Game Theory, MatPat’s primary YouTube channel, announcing his decision to step back after a successful decade and a half. He stated in the video that he wanted to leave on a high note, and his final YouTube videos were posted on March 9th as promised. Shortly after his retirement, he spoke at PAX East about the importance of staying in love with the magic of the video game industry.

He also announced his return to co-host Creators in Fashion, showcasing his passion for the project. MatPat’s retirement from YouTube did not mean a complete departure from the internet. He intends to work behind the scenes with Theorist channels and engage in collaborative work outside his network.

He has been active in gaming-centric podcasts and other YouTube shows, enjoying a more casual approach to talking about games with friends he has made throughout his career. Even though he won’t be hosting the Theory channels anymore, MatPat isn’t disappearing entirely. He has been looking forward to spending time with friends and family and enjoying personal experiences that aren’t centered around content creation.

Ultimately, despite stepping back from his video essay empire, he will have more opportunities to engage in public appearances and also enjoy the fruits of his labor as one of YouTube’s original and longest-running creators.

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