Loungefly offers Shadow The Hedgehog backpack and wallet at GameStop

Pre-orders for the new Shadow merchandise are now available, with a release date set for June 15. This provides ample time to purchase and bring them to the cinema for the screening of Sonic 3 on December 20. The Shadow-themed backpack from Loungefly resembles the iconic character, with a smaller image of Shadow on the back and a Chaos Emerald tag on the zipper. GameStop also offers a matching wallet to complement the backpack, allowing fans to showcase their love for the Year of Shadow.

The officially licensed Loungefly Shadow the Hedgehog Mini Backpack and its matching wallet are exclusively available at GameStop. The backpack can be pre-ordered for $54.99, while the matching wallet is priced at $24.99. As the Year of Shadow progresses, more Shadow merchandise is expected to be released by Sega to increase awareness of the often-forgotten hedgehog before Generations and Sonic 3 are launched. A Lego Minifigure set was released for Shadow at the end of 2023, preceding Knuckles’ set by about six weeks.

Knuckles is also set to receive considerable attention this year, with his own spinoff series voiced by Idris Elba premiering on Paramount Plus. The announcement that Keanu Reeves will potentially voice Shadow has generated mixed reactions among Sonic fans, with anticipation for his interpretation of Shadow’s voice.

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