Teddiursa Squishmallow from Pokemon is available and discounted on Amazon.

The Pokémon world has welcomed the return of Teddiursa Squishmallow, which can now be found on sale on Amazon. This 14-inch creature is one of the newest additions to the Pokémon Squishmallow family and is being offered at a reduced price of $19.

Additionally, Jazwares has revealed that the collection will soon expand with the addition of Dragonite and Marill later this summer. This presents an ideal opportunity for enthusiasts to complete their Pokémon Squishmallow collection, as availability may become scarce down the line.

Whether one aims to start or complete their collection, Amazon’s promotion on the 14-inch Teddiursa Squishmallow offers a significant deal, as it is priced at $19 instead of the standard $24.99. This limited-time offer adds further urgency to the situation.

Teddiursa’s endearing nature has naturally made it a popular choice for transformation into a Squishmallow, highlighting its appeal as a ‘living teddy bear.’ Alongside the 14-inch version available on Amazon, a larger 20-inch Teddiursa Squishmallow can also be found on the site, albeit without a discount. For those looking for a different size, a 12-inch variant is exclusive to the Pokémon Center.

While Dragonite and Marill’s Squishmallow release dates have not been specified, it is anticipated that they may become available for purchase in May or June, based on previous releases. For those who are eager to expand their collection immediately, the Pokémon Center offers a 59-inch Slowpoke, albeit at a higher price point of $450.

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