MTG Announces Collaboration with Cowboy Bebop, Accessible at Standard Events Later This Year

Originally announced as a Japan exclusive, Wizards has explained on the official Magic: The Gathering website that players can now obtain these cards by attending weekly Standard Showdown events at any local Wizards Play Network (WPN) store starting on August 2. To find the closest local store, players can use Wizards of the Coast’s store locator. The included cards are Cowboy Bebop versions of Ossification (Tinybones), Disdainful Stroke (Oko), Go for the Throat (Rakdos), Lightning Strike (the Thunder Junction replacement of guns), and Snakeskin Veil (Vraska).

These cards will be available in traditional foil and have different effects, with Snakeskin Veil providing protection against crimes. It’s worth noting that not all of these cards will be available at one event, so players will need to keep track of the schedule to obtain all of them. Ossification will be available at Standard Showdown events starting on August 2 and ending on September 19.

Disdainful Stroke will be available between September 27 and November 7, followed by the release of Go for the Throat between November 15 and January 30, 2025. The dates suggest that there will be plenty of time to obtain these cards, providing numerous opportunities for players who are interested in acquiring them.

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