Helldivers 2 Leak reveals another type of APC.

A new type of APC called a “Colony Rover” has been discovered in the game’s files. Reddit user IronS1ghts shared two images of the Colony Rover on the Helldivers Leaks subreddit, one of them rendered and the other being the model’s mesh.

Alongside the model, they also discovered that the vehicle has driving properties and placeholder animations attached to it, suggesting that this vehicle can either be driven around by an NPC or the player themselves. Unlike previous APC leaks, this one appears to be more transport-focused, with no outward weapons and a sturdy body to hold several people.

Now that the Colony Rover’s existence in the game is confirmed, the question arises about its purpose and how to obtain it. Some players have noted that a wrecked version of this vehicle can be found on certain planets, indicating that it might be something that can simply be found once it’s added to the game.

Another theory suggests that it won’t be driven by players and could be used in a new mission, possibly as a convoy vehicle during an NPC escort mission. Given its lack of weapons and its tracking ability, this theory holds weight.

Regardless, the true nature of Arrowhead’s plans for the Colony Rover remains uncertain until it is officially added to the game. Thus, the anticipation for the arrival of an APC in Helldivers 2 continues.

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