Fortnite Scrapped Metroid Collaboration Due to Nintendo’s Exclusivity Demands

Epic Games and Nintendo had plans for a Fortnite collaboration featuring a Samus Aran skin from the Metroid series. However, Nintendo insisted that the skin be exclusive to the Switch, while Epic aimed to maintain a consistent experience across all platforms. As a result, the collaboration did not materialize, potentially impacting future Nintendo crossovers in Fortnite. Fortnite has seen numerous crossovers, including famous video game characters and real-life celebrities, creating a diverse range of content.

Mustard, a key figure at Epic Games, expressed a desire to introduce Samus Aran alongside other iconic figures like Kratos and the Chief, representing a significant crossover of the major consoles. Nintendo would have welcomed their characters to be featured, but with the condition of exclusivity to the Switch. In response, Epic Games opted to maintain consistency across all platforms, unwilling to make certain characters exclusive to specific consoles. This decision reflects their commitment to keeping Fortnite uniform across different systems.

As a result, the likelihood of future crossovers involving Nintendo’s renowned series such as Metroid, Mario, and The Legend of Zelda seems uncertain, unless there is a shift in Nintendo’s approach.

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