What Fans Want for Season 2 of Fallout: Fan Input and Wishes

The Fallout series has captured the hearts of many fans and discussions about what they want to see in the next series are gaining momentum. Fans are excited to see popular picks like the NCR, deathclaws, and super mutants, particularly Marcus, on the small screen.

Energy weapons are also a must, especially with the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave stories gaining prominence. Fans have expressed their desire to see various elements from the game on the TV show, including encountering the mysterious stranger and the presence of energy weapons and characters like the Kings.

Moreover, fans want to see creatures like cazadores making an appearance and encountering various friendly and nightmarish creatures in the Mojave. There is also a desire to see the introduction of characters like Marcus, who has played a significant role in the series, and the inclusion of other intelligent species like talking deathclaws.

Marcus, an iconic character from the series, has appeared in both the original isometric and newer 3D titles and is hoped to make an appearance in the show as well. With a total of six main games, various spin-offs, tabletop games, and a TV series by Amazon Studios, the Fallout universe is expansive, and fans are eager to see how it will be adapted for the small screen.

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