Obtaining All Yo-kai Event Rewards in FFXIV: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Yo-kai Watch collaboration event has returned to Final Fantasy 14. This is exciting news for minion hunters, glamour-weapon enthusiasts, and people who love quirky mounts. In addition to the usual rewards, a brand new Framer’s Kit is also available to earn and apply to your character portrait.

To start the Yo-kai Watch event, speak to the Poor-heeled Youth at (X:9.2, Y:9.1) in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald to begin the quest ‘A Complete Game Changer’. You must be at least Level 15 and have completed one of the specific Main Scenario Quests before starting this quest. After starting the quest, head to the Gold Saucer and speak to the Wandering Executive at (X:5.2, Y:6.9).

Then, go to Bentbranch Meadows in the Central Shroud and speak to the NPCs listed. After interacting with the Ancient Stone Vessel, return to the Wandering Executive at the Gold Saucer to complete the quest and receive various rewards. To acquire Yo-kai minions and weapons, speak to Nohi in the Gold Saucer at (X:5.2, Y:6.9) to spend the earned Yo-kai Medals.

The cost for each minion and weapon varies, with specific requirements to obtain them. Medals can be earned by completing FATEs with a Silver or better rating while wearing the Yo-kai Watch. Legendary Medals have a lower drop rate and are acquired in specific areas while accompanied by the Yo-kai minion related to that medal.

To obtain the mounts and Framer’s Kit, certain criteria must be met. The Framer’s Kit is available for purchase after befriending all Yo-kai and obtaining every minion. Once purchased, you can apply Yo-kai themed elements to your portrait and Adventurer Plate.

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