Building Arlecchino in Genshin Impact: A Guide for Success

Genshin Impact regularly updates its characters featured on event banners every few weeks, with some making their debut in the game. With the release of the Version 4.6 update, the character Arlecchino quickly gained popularity as a powerful addition. As one of the eleven Fatui Harbingers, she was highly anticipated and has been a fun Pyro Polearm-wielding DPS character to play with, when built properly. Arlecchino is unique in that she has an ability which grants extra damage for a limited time, and this buff remains active even if the player switches to other characters.

This allows for some interesting builds and strategies when utilizing Arlecchino. One popular build for Arlecchino is the Main DPS Build, which maximizes damage potential using specific artifact sets and weapons. The Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy artifact set, released alongside Arlecchino in the Version 4.6 update, is highly desirable for this build due to its significant boost to overall damage. However, the Gladiator’s Finale set can be a suitable temporary replacement while seeking the desired pieces.

Another build option is the Mono Pyro Build, which synergizes with a mono-pyro team and can be effective in certain situations. This build may be used when lacking suitable pieces for the recommended sets. Choosing the correct main stats for Arlecchino’s artifacts is essential for maximizing her effectiveness. When building her for a reaction-based team, prioritizing Elemental Mastery is recommended.

Furthermore, achieving a high ATK stat is important for Arlecchino’s passive ability, which provides bonuses based on her ATK value. In terms of talent priority, it is crucial to upgrade Arlecchino’s Normal Attack first, followed by her Burst and Skill. The Elemental Burst is particularly important for increasing her damage output. It is advisable to prioritize upgrading her Normal Attack to level ten, with the Burst being the next priority.

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